Over the last couple of months or so they have filtering details of what is supposed to be the announcement trailer of Battlefield 6. These are blurred images, with huge watermarks and whose origin is difficult to track because they are shared anonymously, deleted, uploaded by other users … At dawn on May 27, they have collected all those frames and audio tracks filtered to mount a full version of that video.

The images are the same that have been spread by Reddit, Twitter and other social networks since the beginning of April. The watermark in the middle of the image is still present, although the “LOL guy” meme has been removed to make it less annoying to see. In fact, this version of Redditor Mikalton It is not the first that has tried to join the images in a single trailer. An earlier attempt by redditor Swaahil had the audio out of sync and black frames, which caused some headaches to the spectators.

Both in the comments of the publication and in VG247 they argue that really this is not the trailer that EA DICE and Electronic Arts are expected to show in June. Two possibilities are discussed: that this video is the teaser that they use to announce the official full trailer, or that it is just a conceptual thriller used internally in the company.

Coming by the end of 2021 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and One

From the official Twitter account of Battlefield they have hinted that we will see the new Battlefield for the first time in June. The title will be released at the end of the year for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 y Xbox One; Despite being intergenerational, they promise to harness the power and unique features of next-generation systems. Beyond the announcement, it is foreseeable that we will get to know the game in more detail in the EA Play Live 2021 to be held on July 22.

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