Virtually everything we know so far about Battlefield 6 It corresponds to rumors and leaks that have been arriving through various sources, leaving aside the official statements of Electronic Arts in which they said that it will come out in 2021 and that its development is progressing very well. Now new information suggest that this launch will occur exclusively on next-generation consoles and PC, leaving behind the PS4 and Xbox One version.

Has been the insider Tom Henderson who has published this information on your personal Twitter account: “I still haven’t heard anything concrete about what Battlefield 6 is going to hit the last generation consoles “, begins by saying, and continues: “To me this indicates that I probably won’t and that the main reason why Battlefield 6 going to come out on Xbox Game Pass on day one is to increase the number of players, “he says.

Coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch

Henderson refers to another rumor recently posted by Shpeshal Ed, insider specialized in Microsoft, which ensured that a third-party Triple A Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Launch Day. It was Henderson himself who revealed that it could be Battlefield 6, although it is a game that for practical purposes has not yet been officially announced. The idea of ​​using Microsoft’s subscription gaming platform can help attract more players to the new BattlefieldSomething that will certainly come in handy if you definitely have that rumored 128-player map featuring two teams of 64 soldiers.

Yes, it should be noted that this new leak collides with other than the own insider public at the beginning of the in which he assured that Battlefield 6 will have intergenerational cross-play: “A completely different study or a different part of [DICE] is working on the previous generation version and it’s something we just shouldn’t worry about, “he said in January. Early last month we learned that Criterion is helping DICE in the new installment of the Electronic Arts war saga, which has forced the launch of Need for Speed a 2022.

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