Battlefield 6 prepares to go on stage next June, at which time players from Spain and around the world will be able to know the new project of the saga that has been cooked in the offices of DICE. Meanwhile, social networks have turned new supposed images of the game: we can appreciate a tropical landscape, how a rocket taking off and exploding, in addition to a quadruped robot.

Battlefield 6: What do the rumors say?

Last December 2019, it was leaked, without being confirmed by EA or DICE, that the new Battlefield move players to the year 2030. In this way, the rumor indicated that the title had the presence of robots, drones and certain futuristic elements, although without straying too far from the concept of modern warfare that we can see in today’s war games. After seeing that huge robot or machinery in the images, the truth is that this information makes more and more sense … we are still waiting for a confirmation.

El influence Tom Henderson, which has published several reports and leaks of Battlefield 6 over the last few months, he confirmed that the images that we have left you on these lines belong to the preview of the game’s presentation. A trailer that he also claims he has seen. Henderson also argues that this title will set the 10-15 years in the future, and what is called simply “Battlefield”. In this way, the fact that DICE leaves behind the historical war scenes to take a leap in time.

The new Battlefield will take us 10-15 years into the future

On the other hand, Henderson argues that the first trailer of this Battlefield feature the map of a desert island; where we can also glimpse a rocket launch pad, as seen in the images. Furthermore, he argues that the title will include four legged robots who will accompany the soldiers on the battlefield; machines similar to the Boston Dynamics creations. All these elements have been seen in the images, so we could only wait for the official presentation.

This weekend also broke the news that the new Battlefield be focused on multiplayer and lack of campaign. The information also comes from Henderson, so we will have to wait until next month to find out how much truth there is in all this. The title, on the other hand, will debut on both generations of consoles.

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