The Battlefield to reach computers and at least the next generation consoles in 2021 (It has not been confirmed that it will be called Battlefield 6) will have a map for 128 players with battles of 64 against 64 and have natural atmospheric disasters that will be exemplified in the trailer with which the game will be presented.

These details come from the hand of Tom Henderson, a well-known leaker of information about Battlefield Y Call of Duty. Therefore, keep in mind that they are not official data; neither Electronic Arts nor EA DICE have commented on the details. However, Henderson has been anticipating features of the game for some time, such as be intergenerational and what to have a way battle royale.

On the supposed new information that the leaker Through his account on the social network Twitter, he has focused especially on the trailer that, according to rumors, will be shown in May. The video will take viewers to a deserted island to be affected, first, by a storm to be followed by a tornado; and later, by the launch of various missiles.

Henderson posted a sketch of one of the images that says will be seen in the trailer, while another user has made a color modification of said drawing. The leaker ensures that in the video there will be 6 to 8 Ospreys military air vehicles (due to their size they can be used as a reference for the size of the map presented in the video) and clarifies that the previously filtered 128 player map will have 64 vs 64 player battles.

Criterion Games supports the development of the new Battlefield

The last official information we learned about this new Battlefield the thing is Criterion Games has had to join the development together with EA DICE and SAYS Los Angeles to be on time for the premiere, which Electronic Arts plans for the fall. This has meant that the new Need for Speed be delayed to 2022.

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