Electronic Arts is sending polls to the players of Battlefield about the interest they have in possible functionalities that can include the next Battlefield 6, according to several insiders among which is the leaker (va VG247) a regular in the Tom Henderson saga.

The questionnaire asks about interest in a battle pass (it is not specified whether for cosmetic items or also for weapons), a clan and platoon systemelements free to play (i.e. free with microtransactions), evolving maps and weapons projects in the style of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).

the same leaker aim, according VGC, that campaign can be played in cooperative and that will be set around the year 2030. Soldiers will have futuristic equipment like robots, drones, jets and other gadgets. In traditional multiplayer there will be four types of soldiers with customizable abilitieslike a Scout with silent steps and a Stormtrooper who can run the longest.

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“The campaign will focus on you and your specialized unit, where you can choose what superpower are you fighting for“He explains.” Both the United States and Russia, which are the only superpowers standing in the game, will offer you ‘recruit’ your team of specialists and their skills throughout the campaign, which will be a valuable asset to both sides. ” one way battle royale separated from Firestorm from Battlefield 5. Also, it says that the new game will be call Battlefield to dry.

Henderson points out that the survey does not confirm that these functions will arrive the game, “but most of the time surveys of this type are carried out to measure the opinion of the communities and the results can be used to determine when to announce features“. That is to say, that the commented thing can be in the game, but that wonders to discern what is more important for the players for the advertising campaign.

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Rumors point to 128-player maps on the new generation of consoles and PC

Last Friday the market analyst Roberto Serrano collected in a tweet some of the characteristics of the new Battlefield that have been filtering in recent months: modern warfare, both long-scale and close-range battles, maps ranging from 16 to 128 players (in the case of PC, Xbox Series X / S and PS5), customization (of soldiers, weapons and vehicles), better destruction, “amazing” visual effects, the use of motor Frostbite and launch in fall 2021. The official account of Battlefield pick up the tweet and ironic listing the functions of spaghetti.

Electronic Arts has not yet officially announced the name of the new Battlefield, but the rumors suggest that they will do it in May. The company assured in a meeting with shareholders that the title will be ready by the end of this year. In addition, it has recently postponed the launch of the Need for Speed from Criterion Games to put this team to support the development of Battlefield, in which DICE Los Angeles also participates in addition to EA DICE.

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