Battlefield 6 It is one of the titles that has suffered the most leaks for weeks. According to rumors, the new game in the war saga will focus on multiplayer to the point of eliminating the campaign. A recent leak may have revealed the full ad trailer, which has been seen in blurry images before. Although it has not even been officially announced, a recent rumor indicates that there will be an announcement in the EA Play Live regarding a version alpha that will arrive in July.

Battlefield 6 will receive an alpha in July that will be presented at EA Play Live

From the official account of Battlefield It was announced that the new installment will be presented on month of June and arrive for the next generation consoles, computers, PS4 and Xbox One. Tom Henderson, who has revealed some details of the new title before, has commented that the version alpha should arrive in July with an announcement in the EA Play Live. Details are not yet known about how this supposed alpha in order to Battlefield 6, but it is likely that it will be an advance with many limitations and not within the reach of all users.

Tom Henderson also comments that the alpha will be announced at the end of the EA Play Live event, which is scheduled for July 22. Textually, Henderson comments as follows: “The alpha from Battlefield should be in July, and the announcement will be made in the EA Play. It could be an “Oh, and Battlefield Alpha is available to play right now “at the end of the event”. Therefore, the alpha It will be presented as something unexpected and at the end of the event. Despite the forcefulness of the statement, we should not take it as true until we receive an official confirmation from Electronic Arts, especially considering that there is little left to leave doubts.

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