NVIDIA, EA and DICE have come to the fore to announce a new technology alliance thanks to which Battlefield 2042 (the next installment in the saga of shooters due to arrive in Spain on October 22) will have some exclusive features for NVIDIA.

The first of the brand’s exclusive technologies coming to Battlefield 2042 since the game’s launch is DLSS, the system smoothing and rescaling of textures that uses Artificial Intelligence and that we have spoken to you on numerous occasions in Vandal that serves to improve the visual finish and performance of compatible games. This technology is available for all Green Brand GeForce RTX graphics.

The second addition is that of Reflex, an NVIDIA system that serves to reduce latency in competitive video games reducing the response time from when we click on our mouse or press a key until that command is executed on the server, which gives a certain advantage in games over the internet, especially in a game. shooter How is it Battlefield 2042.

DLSS also comes to Doom Eternal and Rust

The announcements related to NVIDIA do not end there (although this time they do not have to do with EA) since the graphics brand has also taken the opportunity to remember that DLSS is available today same in Doom Eternal to be able to play at the highest possible fps rate even with Ray Tracing. Also this rescaling and smoothing system will also arrive tomorrow Thursday 1st of July a Rust, the popular survival title that lived its second youth this year.

Total war returns with Battlefield 2042

Back to Battlefield, a while ago we told you all the details that we have discovered about the shooter, a game that allows us to return to “total war” with a bet on multiplayer so that fans of the saga can “Enjoy more freedom of action, bigger maps and probably the most complete and frenzied multiplayer we’ve seen so far in Battlefield history“.

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