When Battlefield 1 was launched in 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC it has already impressed with a marvelous graphic section moved by photorealism and the spectacular nature of its war scenes; but, as usual, the community of modders It is always one step ahead when it comes to updating the graphics of games from a few years ago, giving them a fresh touch to make them look like they were fresh out of the market. It is the case of the Italian Boulders Hancer, which has released a new video showing how it has implemented graphical improvements in the game from Electronic Arts and DICE.

Specifically, this user is working on a new mod that adds graphic improvements to Battlefield 1, aspects like ray tracing, global lighting, ambient occlusion, 4K resolution, and photorealistic enhancements to post-processing effects. This is still a work in progress, so the final finish has to be even more spectacular; yes, in the video available under these lines one is already impressed to see how good they feel to Battlefield 1 all these visual changes.

Spectacular graphical improvement for an already impressive game

That’s right, once Massi Hancer releases this awesome mod for Battlefield 1 on your Patreon page you will need a good PC to install and play with this graphic quality: the technical specifications that the mud used to capture this video speak for themselves, although suffice it to say that to take these images he played on a team with an Intel i7 8700K processor and an RTX 3080 GPU.

Play to Battlefield 1 it is always recommended, whether with mods or not, because as we said in our review, “it has met our expectations and created an outstanding video game. The multiplayer offers variety and novelties in the game modes, a sensational graphic finish and most importantly, a gameplay that, despite being continuous, offers new features and feels just as fun and realistic. The inclusion of new classes, the renewed list of weapons and vehicles, the development of a deep progression system, or the inclusion of dynamic scenarios at the climatic and playable level, are the reliable proof that the online multiplayer of Battlefield 1 He has come back in style. “

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