Prepare your weapons for the battlefield! Battlefield 1 is available completely free on Amazon Prime Gaming and Battlefield 5 will be soon. Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22, 2021, so computer users are in luck, since playing the two titles prior to the next launch of the war saga of EA and DICE It is a perfect plan to liven up the wait. As we have mentioned, both titles can be purchased for free for Amazon Prime Gaming members, exclusively for PC and at different times.

BF1 until August 4, BF5 from August 2

Battlefield 1, the title that develops in World War I, is available until August 4. The game was originally released in 2016 for Origin on PC and earned a very good reception by the press and the public; fans of military shooter clamored for the return of WWI or WWII due to the saturation of shooter with futuristic settings. “Not only are we going to discover what World War 1 really was, but we are going to enjoy a playable structure and narrative designed exclusively for the campaign. Battlefield 1 becomes one of the best shooter of today in its own right“we said in our analysis.

Battlefield V, the shooter set in World War II and successor to the previous title, be available from August 2 to October 1, so users have a wide margin of time to acquire it. The video game debuted in 2018 and, despite following the formula of Battlefield 1, did not get to steal the hearts of the public for a alarming lack of content at launch. “A great shooter that perfects the playable essence of the saga and offers an impeccable audiovisual finish. However, it suffers from a worrying lack of content at its launch that weighs heavily on the whole”, we explained in the analysis.

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