Maybe in Spain they are not so popular, but mobile games like PUBG Mobile O Garena Free Fire sweep among Asian and South American country players, where they mainly have their audience base: the mobile version of Playerunknown’s Battleground is the most downloaded game in Asia with 31.94 million downloads, as well as in Africa with 7.34 million, while Garena Free Fire won the most downloaded mobile game record of 2020, being also the one that generated the most income in the South Asian or South American markets.

However, it seems that some authorities are not entirely happy with the influence that these types of games have on their population: In Bangladesh, various government agencies have called for a ban on PUBG Mobile Y Garena Free Fire for its addictive effect on the youth of the country. Specifically, it has been the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Regulatory Commission who have formalized this request, according to AFK Gaming.

It is intended to prohibit even access via VPN

This possibility has also been discussed in a committee of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunicationsas well as the Bangladesh Mobile Phone Users Association, a trade group that represents users and has also called for immediate action. The Bangladeshi government has said that, if this ban is applied, They will work hard to restrict all types of access to these games, including VPNs. that may allow to bypass the limitations to play from the servers of other countries.

The news of a possible ban on PUBG Mobile O Garena Free Fire in Bangladesh comes shortly after the latter has launched its own server in the country and that we knew that the Southeast Asian Games, a biennial multi-sport event supervised by the International Olympic Committee and the Asian Olympic Council, has integrated eSports as one of its official categories, being PUBG Mobile Y Garena Free Fire two of the games in which you can compete besides League of Legends: Wild Rift O Arena of Valor, among others.

India also prohibited PUBG Mobile -and 117 more applications- in September of last year, but their motives were different and were related to a trade war with China.

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