Yesterday it was rumored that Scarlet Nexus, the new hacknslash de Bandai Namco, podra llegar a Xbox Game Pass the day of its release, that is, June 25. It was Jeff Grubb, contributor to VentureBeat, who made this information public saying that he “had heard” that this title would be released directly on the subscription game service. However, the company has come to the fore today to deny these speculations.

“We have no plans to bring Scarlet Nexus Xbox Game Pass for now, “said a Bandai Namco spokesperson. to VGC. The company has not ruled out bringing the game to this service in the future, but with these statements it confirms that it will not be available in its launch catalog: “We are excited for its arrival to Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC on June 25”, concludes the spokesman.

Scarlet Nexus not making it to Xbox Game Pass at launch

For many players, the arrival of Scarlet Nexus it made all the sense in the world: the hacknslash Bandai Namco has had certain preferences with Xbox consoles, such as demo free that is already available on both Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One as well as on PS5 and PS4, but which for a week was exclusive to Microsoft consoles. The dates also seemed to fit, since some voices even considered that the announcement of this arrival could be made in the E3 2021, which is celebrated from June 12 to 15, with an anticipation similar to that of Outriders, the multiplayer from Square Enix, which also announced its arrival on Xbox Game Pass shortly before its release.

Captura de Scarlet Nexus.

Now all that is wet paper, although nothing rules out that Scarlet Nexus may later make it to Xbox Game Pass. For now we will have to wait until June 25th for its world premiere, when we will discover if the game satisfies our desire “to learn the ins and outs of its world, to get to know some of the most interesting characters better, to see more enemies with absolutely cool designs and to advance in a plot that promises to have turns from script to lockdown“, as we said in our impressions.

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