Balan Wonderworld, the new platform game by Yuji Naka y Naoto Ohshima, the original creators of Sonic, will go on sale in Spain next 26 de marzo para PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S y Nintendo Switch, although only a few weeks ago we were able to enjoy a free demo with which to whet your appetite.

Listening to the fans

In fact, This trial version has helped its developers to listen to the opinions of the fans and work on a free update that will be available the same day of its launch.. As you can guess, the objective of this patch will be to improve and polish some of the aspects that have least convinced fans.

The demo has generated very diverse opinions and responses among players, and unfortunately, in the current phase of development we are in, it is not possible to reflect all this in the game, “wrote Noriyoshi Fujimoto, its producer, in a statement.” Despite this, we will release a patch for the full game that it will be available from day one and that it will offer you a more balanced gaming experience. “

“Being more specific, this patch adjust movement, controls, camera and rebalance difficulty. There is only a little over a week left until launch, so I hope you enjoy the world of Wonderworld. “

What’s new from the creators of Sonic

Balan Wonderworld to be A 3D platform game in which we will have to go through a series of magical worlds while we jump, explore, face enemies and acquire different powers thanks to a series of various disguises. In Vandal We published some impressions of its demo, a trial version that did not quite convince us, since we told you that “yes, it is entertaining and enjoyable, but it cannot get from there because of some improvable controls, a level design irregular and some very questionable decisions. ”

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