Cobertura E3 2021

The Summer Game Fest has left us with many previews and announcements of the most anticipated titles in recent years. Back 4 Blood took advantage of a few minutes of the event to show a new trailer and, incidentally, from Turtle Rock Studios have confirmed a open beta to start with a early access from August 5 to 9 for those who have reserved the title of survival and zombies. The game will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC as of October 12 of this year in digital and physical format.

Back 4 Blood will have an open beta that will be held on several days of the month of August

Back 4 Blood, as the developer herself describes, is a first person cooperative zombie shooter game offering a dynamic, versatile and frenetic gaming experience. The title also has the option of customize different game modes. The story of Back 4 Blood begins when a Parasite worm infects and kills most of humanity Except for a group of veteran survivors. “The Exterminators”, which is what they are called, are strategically organized to end the biological aberrations known as “the infected” to restore humanity.

As we have indicated previously, from Warner Bros. Games y Turtle Rock Studios It has been confirmed that the next open beta will arrive with early access from August 5 to 9 for those who have already made their reservation. From the companies they have provided a link so that players can register and test the Early Access, although they warn that registration does not guarantee entry as codes are limited. The Open beta will start on August 12 and be available until August 16 for players who have registered in advance. There will be cross game between all platformseven between systems of different generations.

In addition to the information that has reached us, from Warner Bros. Games they remind us that the June 13 at 11:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) will take place the detailed presentation of the PvP game mode (player versus player) of Back 4 Blood in E3 2021. The conference will be able to be seen through the official channels of Twitch, YouTube y Facebook from Back 4 Blood. Do you feel like killing zombies in company?

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