If we look at the future calendar of Xbox Game Studios games we will see that there are three major projects that may have similarities to each other: Avowed, de Obsidian Entertainment, Fable by Playground Games and The Elder Scrolls VI by Bethesda are three open-world role-playing games set in a fantasy universe. Should that concern fans of the genre? Phil Spencer, jefe de Xbox, consider not.

Spencer has participated in an extensive interview with IGN for the 20th anniversary of the launch of the first Xbox, a talk in which he has had time to talk about many topics including this: differences between great fantasy role-playing games preparing three different teams from Xbox Game Studios. The head of the brand has ensured that all these projects have well differentiated particularities so that we put them all within the same bag.

Three great role-playing games, each with its own peculiarities

Fable It has never been like this, it has always been a little more cheerful and british, you might say, and I think Playground Games is going to keep that up. The Elder Scrolls VI go further and when it comes out it will be amazing. Avowed be an RPG with a fantastic core, but there are going to be some distinctive differences from what Elder Scrolls has traditionally done“says Spencer, and mentions one of those differences:” This [Avowed] obviously takes place in the world of Pillars of Eternity“.

Mainly, what Phil Spencer wanted to clarify with his words is that Avowed will not be a version of The Elder Scrolls created by Obsidian Entertainment, as many users are dropping from the announcement of the new game from this beloved studio: “I think these games are very different, so maybe I’d have a hard time saying ‘this is our version of this’, especially knowing what Feargus [Urquhart, CEO de Obsidian] and his team will do. “In the same interview, Spencer has praised the work of this study and has assured that they will give him” all the time and money they need to play their best game. “

Ni Avowed, ni Fable, ni The Elder Scrolls VI have a release date yet. In fact the latter is in an early stage of its development.

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