Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, as you well know, it is the new Ubisoft title based on the universe created by James Cameron and his team in 2009. The new proposal will be exclusive for the new generation, since the development team has ensured that they will take advantage of to the maximum the power and capabilities of the new consoles and latest generation computers with the new version of its graphics engine. Disney and Pixar Games Vice President Luigi Priore has provided juicy new details about Ubisoft Massive’s new adventure.

Frontiers of Pandora will differ from the movie

Luigi Priore has been interviewed by VentureBeat and has explained why the team has not limited itself to adapting the film as a video game, but has wanted to go further. As detailed, this decision has been made by the public’s own requests, which demands new stories and experiences with known and established worlds. “There was a time 15 or 20 years ago when playing the movie was something. You bought the game and you played the movie. Things like the classic game of Aladdin on Sega Genesis. You played the movie. That was popular at the time, but players expect more now.. They want to interact with their favorite characters and worlds, but they want play new stories and do new things with those characters and worlds“.

The vice president has gone a little further and revealed that Frontiers of Pandora has as purpose explore the amazing sci-fi world of the original movie, which he regards as a great playground to play with. The main idea is that the story feels like part of the vast world of Pandora, but that this is not a movie game. It is a completely new open world, with a new story and untold characters. In fact, the title of the game itself already advances the idea that this unfold on another frontier, another area of ​​Pandora’s moon. Finally, Luigi Priore has concluded that the idea for Avatar is to do exactly the same thing that happened with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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