One of the unexpected surprises from the Xbox conference at E3 2021 was Contraband. Avalanche Studios’ new title was introduced with a teaser that left a lot to the imagination, but they did make it clear that it was a game of making orders like dealers in cooperative in a open world fictional. From the study they affirm that the game that they publish Xbox Game Studios is exclusive to Xbox Series X / S and PC because the concept is too huge for other publishers to have accepted.

“We have had a great relationship with Microsoft and working with a first party [es la primera vez que lanzan un ttulo exclusivo] has been interesting too, seeing what really means in terms of support and being closer to the hardaware“says Pim Holfve, CEO of Avalanche, in an interview with GamesIndustry.

“It’s a new kind of partnership for us. We have had fantastic deals with Square Enix. [Just Cause], Bethesda [Rage 2] and Warner Bros. [Mad Max], but they are not the same as a first party“continues the CEO.” It made a lot of sense to work with Xbox on this because of the vastness [del proyecto]. It is not a concept that we could present to any editor“.

Game Pass in Games as a Service: Enlist Players to Buy DLC

Holfve also speaks in the interview about the importance of the title being disponible en Xbox Game Pass from the first day. For him the end is not the direct sales of the game: “Our main objective is grow our user base… even if it is not ours directly; in this case, it’s going to be Xbox. “

Xbox Game Pass Contraband

The reasoning is that as the user base increases, in principle ensure a flow of money and constant profits. The CEO exemplifies it with TheHunter: Call of the Wild, the hunting game included in Xbox Game Pass that you have amassed seven million players. He assures that many people have tried the game, “and since we have a huge catalog of additional content for that title (ms the 20 DLC), it’s a great way to get people to come in, commit, and show them what a great game this is. So people are really tempted to buy ms“.

More details of Contraband

The interview does not delve too deeply into what kind of game to be Contraband, and admits that the goal of showing that teaser triler is to get the players start talking about the game time before launch; also, according to Holfve, the video is full of clues. S claims that the game takes full advantage of the Xbox Series X / S hardware thanks to a new version of the Apex engine, used for Just Cause 4.

Just Cause 4

The manager anticipates that Contraband be, like the saga Just Cause, a chaotic game, but this time in multiplayer. And he advances: “Our worlds are superreactiveSo when you have three more people reacting or making the world react, it can be chaos. “

Right now, Contraband it has no release date; will come out on Xbox Series X / S and PC. We know that being set in a fictional country in Southeast Asia, Bayan, in the 1970s. It will be an open world where players (it has not been confirmed how many will be able to cooperate or if it can be played alone) will have to do assignments as traffickers.

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