The next installment of one of the most praised Japanese RPGs of the previous generation of consoles is on the way. We talk about Person 5, a title that has enjoyed unusual popularity for a saga that is, in turn, a spin-off from Shin Megami Tensei more successful than the original JRPG (it has sold 15 million copies). Has been his own director de Atlus, Naoto Hiraoka, who has confirmed that they work or will work in Person 6, but they want increase study size to achieve a better title than the fifth installment.

“Thanks to the great amount of support we received for Person 5 we have felt fulfilled, “says Hiraoka on the official recruitment website of the Japanese studio, according to the translation provided by Central Person (va Game Informer). “But we can’t stop there. When we create Person 4 there was this pressure that he had to overcome Person 3. Now we will have to create a [Persona] 6 that exceeds [Persona] 5“.

Persona 4 Golden

However, Hiraoka argues that “overcome [Persona] 5 be difficult with current workers“.” I would like to overcome this enormous obstacle together with everyone who will join us in this recruitment. The workspace is perfect for those who want a creative challenge when it comes to bringing games to the world, “concludes the head of Atlus.

Hiraoka said in 2017 that the following Person I was in preparation

In an interview with the Chinese newspaper GNN Gamer (va Central Person) that took place in March 2017, Hiraoka said that the saga Person is the most important for Atlus and that this will not change in the future: ” next step is already in preparation, so stay tuned! “However, at that time he could have referred to Person 5 Royal, which will be published in Japan in 2019; arrives in Spain in early 2020 for PS4.

The announcement of Person 6supposedly clears up one of the unknowns of the saga 25th anniversary event announced by Atlus. Between September 2021 and autumn 2022 the Japanese company will announce seven projects. Nothing is officially known about them, but they play mobile games, more spin-off, additional deliveries of Person Q and included a Persona 5 Arena from Arc System Works, without ruling out the resounding arrival of these titles to other platforms such as the PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. But for now, this is all speculation.

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