Atari VCS already has a date of arrival in stores in the United States: the company Atari has confirmed to debut this next June, 15 in establishments like Best Buy, GameStop o Micro Center, as well as on the official website of the platform. Each of the retailers will also offer different promotions during the launch.. Announced in 2017 and crowdfunded on Indiegogo, its debut is just around the corner. Players can choose to take over the Atari VCS Onyx Base, with the Atari VCS Black Walnut or with the Atari VCS Onyx All-In.

Atari VCS arrives in the United States on June 15

The system Atari VCS Onyx Base it has a price of 299,99 dlares, while the packs Atari VCS Black Walnut Y Onyx All-In They include the classic joystick (available separately for $ 59.99) and the modern controller (also available separately for $ 59.99) for 399,99 dlares. The console was scheduled to debut in spring 2018, but its launch was delayed in order to improve its features.

The console consists of a tribute to the legendary Atari 2600 platform, but with hardware capable of running modern games (even the rugged Cyberpunk 2077) and use a streaming service. The project was collectively funded through Indiegogo, achieving raise 3 million dollars even though the initial goal was $ 100,000. Last December, some 10,000 units were distributed to campaign participants.

A tribute to the Atari 2600 updated to today

Atari VCS has a chip on its system AMD Ryzen R1606G integrado, and with a GPU Radeon Vega. From AMD they indicated that the platform has enough power to decode and execute videos at 4K and 60 fps, but from VGC they were skeptical about it. It should be noted that the hardware arrives with Atari VCS Integrated Vault, which offers 100 retro Atari games to users.

Among other features, Atari VCS also includes Airconsole (allowing gamers to use their mobile phone as a controller for selected games) and Antstream Arcade (a streaming service spanning over 1,000 retro games from the Amiga, C64, ZX Spectrum, NES, SNES, Mega Drive, and arcade consoles). You can check its technical specifications here.

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