From a time to this part Atari has focused its efforts on the mobile games market, a platform on which it has achieved great success thanks to games free-to-play What RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch O Missile Command: Recharged; However, now the mythical video game company wants to leave that strategy behind to return to focus on games premium of PC and consoles.

This has been assured Wade J. Rosen, CEO de Atari, in a statement collected by “Our intention with any experience gaming is to offer accessible and happy moments of meaningful play. That’s the core of Atari and what ties our history to our future, “Rosen begins by saying, and continues:” To that end, we believe that the games premium best represent this type of experience and Atari DNA. “

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, one of the successful games of m

A change in strategy that will cost Atari 5 million euros

The reason for this change in commercial perspective is none other than the decrease in the profitability of the model: “The competitive environment and marketing it is growing in the business model free-to-play“Atari joins Asari other companies, like Nintendo, who abandon their interest in mobile gaming platforms.

As a result of this change in strategy, Atari plans to take on a loss of 5 million euros, since in addition to leaving aside his Atari Casino and his intentions to get into the production of television series. Some of the company’s mobile games will also end up shutting down, although others could be sold to other companies interested in keeping them active. The most successful, yes, will be left by Atari Gaming itself.

Atari VCS, the new Atari console.

When will we see the first Atari games on PC and consoles?

According to Rosen, the company intends to bet so heavily on this strategy that the first titles will be launched in the current to the prosecutor of the company, which ends on March 31, 2022. Still, yes, we do not know exactly what kind of video games this company will produce, although it has been confirmed that new titles are included here for Atari VCS, the new console that recently hit the US market.

Wade J. Rosen has been CEO of Atari Gaming only since April of this year, when the firm was divided in two: Atari Gaming, dedicated to electronic entertainment, and Atari Blockchain, dedicated to the development of a cryptocurrency, Atari Token, that will be used both in the company’s products and in other collaborator applications, including also other businesses such as the sale of NFT.

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