IllFonic announces during the last State of Play on cooperative multiplayer action game para PlayStation 5 y PC -Epic Games Store-, Arcadegeddon, which is already there available in Early Access for 19.99 euros in console and 15.99 euros in computers. Logically, the game is in development and during this phase it will undergo playable or graphic changes, content will be added and perhaps it will suffer some kind of imbalance in the gameplay or bugs appear.

In Arcadegeddon we can play up to three friends in a fun shooter that tells the story of Gilly, the owner of a neighborhood arcade who tries to save his business from an anonymous megacorporation. To do this, he creates a supergame, but this is hacked by the megacorporation, which introduces a virus. Our mission will be to save the game and prevent the last arcade in town from disappearing. As you progress, you will be able to accept additional challenges from the local gangs that hang out at Gilly’s arcade. You’ll earn a lot more than respect on the street plus a spot in the rankings, “says the team.

The game world offers various biomes and minigames, hidden chests with important rewards, a multitude of enemies and bosses. Combines PvE -players versus enemies- and PvP -players versus players- modes, although it can also be enjoyed alone.

The reason for launching Early Access

This is Illfonic’s first self-published game so the team doesn’t want to make mistakes. “We play our games a lot and build that fun factor into our experiences, but Early Access gives us a chance to see people who haven’t designed the maps and levels,” says the developer. With the game data they can adjust the experience, see what you like and what you fail. “The good thing about this game is that it is played as the player wants, your style and rhythm. This with the analysis of Early Access will help us make the adventure unique. We plan to be in Early Access for about seven months. During this time, seasonal updates and patches that are needed each month are planned. “

Arcadegeddon acci

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