Lince Works, the Catalan studio developer of Aragami 2, has presented a gameplay video dedicated to showcasing the revamped combat system and stealth improvements that we will find in a sequel that aspires to polish everything we saw in the original. Aragami 2 be on sale September 17 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC. Over the course of almost 9 minutes, the study reviews the stealth murders, hidden in the vegetation, the shadows or the heights, which will allow us to advance through a scenario full of possibilities.

“Stealth is the foundation of Aragami’s experience and now players will have more mobility so that they can quickly navigate from shadow to shadow,” says the studio, which also recalls that outside of stealth these warriors are more vulnerable. When it is time to fight, you will have to know when to hit, defend or dodge.

The first Aragami was inspired by classic games like the saga Tenchu, while the sequel improves all the playable section and maintains the possibility of overcoming the adventure alone or with friends in cooperative -up to three friends-. Includes customization of weapons and armor, and different powers to address each situation: “There was skills focused on combat, on saving oneself when detected and others on stealth, which is why we opted: making ourselves invisible by covering ourselves in the dark, disappearing momentarily when teleporting ourselves, stunning enemies from afar “, we count in our impressions.

You can already know our impressions

In Vandal we have already played it and we tell you that “Aragami 2 It is a game that is sure to amuse fans of stealth games a lot, but it still has many unknowns in the air. Going through those levels in multiplayer coordinating with friends can be greatbut it remains to be seen if there are sufficient incentives to play them again.

Aragami 2 v

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