Aragami 2 prepares to drag us back with his proposal for action and stealth into his world: the barcelons development studio Lince Works and the editor Merge Games have announced that the project will debut September 17 both in PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One y PC (Steam). The game can be found in both physical and digital, for a price of 39,99 euros. On the occasion of the announcement of your debut date, we have been able to enjoy a new preview that we leave you below:

Aragami 2: The fight continues

You are one of the last elite warriors in your family, the Aragami“is the premise that Lince Works begins narrating in the description of the game.” Victims of a supernatural affliction that corrodes their body and devours their mind, the Aragami are able to control the Essence of Shadows– A mystical power that grants the ability to control shadows. With this power, the Aragami carry out their tasks and missions, allocations made throughout the valley to ensure the village subsistence and free the Aragami enslaved by the invading armies“.

Among the characteristics of this title, we discovered that we can enjoy the campaign both solo and in a cooperative mode with up to three players. In addition, we will have free going to customize and create our own arsenal of weapons and armor; At the same time, we can improve our warrior with three skill trees that offer 42 special abilities and shadow powers.

“You are one of the last elite warriors of your family, the Aragami”

Regarding combat mechanics, we are facing a title where Stealth and fast actions prevail: Using cover and our powers, we can finish off our enemies through stealth assassinations or non-lethal takedowns. A strategic sense be essential when it comes to overcoming the different levels of the game, which will allow us to access best rewards once we are victorious.

Our main mission? Become the defenders and heroes of the Valley of Rashomon: we will have to help the local people, and end the curse before it ends with us. In this second installment, players will also have the opportunity to discover why the Aragami ended up becoming a legend.

After having suffered a delay in its release date, Aragami 2 finally arrive next September 17 in physical and digital format, both in PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One y PC (Steam). Its price is 39,99 euros.

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