The Epic Games trial against Apple It has already started and is splashing the video game industry in all directions: we have seen confidential documents from Epic Games itself, but also others that concern Microsoft and Sony. The last anecdote comes directly from the legal process, in which Apple has charged directly against for its adult games. is a independent video game distribution portal that allows anyone to post virtually any content. Recently the desktop application of this digital store was incorporated into the Epic Games Store as one more program, something that Apple has wanted to use to harm the company that has sued them: “There are many games on that, I won’t even read their names out loud, but they are offensive and sexualized”said the Apple lawyer yesterday.

Epic Games supports and the portal takes it with humor

The counsel’s intention was to expose an alleged inconsistency in Epic Games Store policy: while in your store prohibits sexually explicit games, the store that hosts,, picks them up without problems. The accusations were directed at Steven Allison, director general de Epic Games Store, to whom the lawyer even asked if he agreed with this type of game and if he planned to do something about it: “I cannot answer you, investigate further, but is an amazing community for developers that we fully support“Allison replied

In the meantime, in these accusations have been taken with humor and during the trial they did not stop joking with the way in which Apple refers to the adult games that they host on their platform. The company’s attorney said they were “games you can’t talk about” and from they replied that they will give that name to the category of works with sensitive content. Earlier, the independent store joked that Apple’s lawyers had called them to delete all games because they considered them “illegal”. Also, an user has created a game jam called ‘Unspeakable Games’ whose bases are based on a strange description that Apple made of video games: “They have an end and a beginning, and challenges in between.”

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