Apex Legends seems to have problems with cheaters, but Respawn Entertainment are aware of them and have assured that they are working hard to solve them. Or at least they have communicated it through their official Twitter account, in which they have mentioned several measures they want to take as soon as possible to create a gaming environment online without cheats.

“Playing against cheaters sucks”says the company in one of its tweet. “We will keep you informed as we publish the new changes and establish new measures,” they explain in their Twitter thread in which Respawn Entertainment has also wanted to specify what specific measures to take against cheaters the Apex Legends.

Three key steps to ending cheaters

Basically, anti-cheater measures Apex Legends are based on three concrete actions: hire more employees to handle manual cheater account suspensions, develop “more tools” that automatically detect and stop DDOS attacks, and finally investigate faster ways to detect and remove cheats from the game .

With this, the company wants to lower the rate of cheating players in Apex Legends, although it is not the only initiative that is being carried out for this purpose: 700 player accounts were suspended in March what had they used cheats in the game ever, according to Conor Ford, Security Analyst at Respawn Entertainment, while this same month it was detected and bane 31 people who were abusing security breaches to carry out DDOS attacks.

Apex Legends, which this year has surpassed 100 million players, is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Soon you will also receive a version of your own for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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