Apex Legends, the successful battle royale free from Respawn Entertainment, is now available on Nintendo Switch. The version, by Panic Button, brings the action game to the hybrid console with cross-play with the other platforms -which can be activated and deactivated to taste-, and the only differences with the rest of the platforms are the graphics. We already know its technical specifications: the resolution of the game on Switch is 1280 x 720 pixels in TV or flatbed mode and 1024 x 576 pixels in portable mode; both modes work with a 30fps lens. Several YouTube channels have put the Switch game face to face with the PS4 version -the original model of the console-.

ElAnalistaDeBits shows the resolution and specifies that the frame rate can drop somewhat at times of more graphic stress. There are also cuts in many other details, such as shadows, texturing, anisotropic filtering, draw distance, and post-processing effects. “The load times are somewhat higher on the Switch, but acceptable. The Switch version is decent, but the framerate is a problem for this game due to its high competitive demand. I would not recommend this version if you have any other option where to play it”, says its author.

GameXplain has also made its comparison although this time the game in Nintendo Switch if it compares with PS4 Pro, so there is a little more difference in terms of resolution, shadows, and quality of effects.

The developer promises the same experience as in the rest of the platforms

“We want as many people as possible to play this game, and many want to play it on Switch,” said Chad Glenier, game director. “I think work on the Switch version started about a year, around Season 4. There were comments from some players who wanted to play it on Switch, and there were certain voices coming from the Switch community, so it was a natural choice to take the game there“Since the content is the same as in other systems, the team does not consider it a different version, but the same experience but with the option to play on a laptop.

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