One of the main novelties of Season 9 of Apex Legends, The mode Arena 3 vs 3, has been accompanied by a frustrating problem for many gamers: users leaving games. On May 24, the developers at Respawn Entertainment updated the game so that penalize those players, but they had to backtrack this Wednesday because of the erratic way in which those penalties were applied.

The update introduced last Monday made that if a player was leaving a three-player team, was penalized during ten minutes, a period of time during which I couldn’t look for another game neither in Arena nor in mode battle royale. The penalty did not apply if the team had two players (that is, if someone had already left before).

As they point from Kotaku, it did not take long for errors to appear. A user explains on the subreddit of Apex Legends that his squad entered an Arena against only two opponents, who left after the first round, giving victory to their team. When returned to the main menu, the player and his teammates received a 10 minute penalty. You are not the only one reporting a similar problem. Others have also noticed that the matchmaking sometimes he pairs with players of very different ranks.

“We have temporarily disabled abandonment penalties in Arenas because the system sometimes issues inappropriate punishments“Respawn Entertainment announced on the afternoon of May 26.” solution is scheduled for this weekSo we’ll let you know when we’ve resolved the issue and restored the penalties. “

What’s New in Season 9

Legacy, the ninth season of Apex Legends, it has been accompanied by a new legend, Valyrie, a new weapon, updates to the Olympus map, and of course, a battle pass with new unlockable items. In other news about Apex, EA announced in April Apex Legends Mobile, which will have beta soon, although it has not been confirmed for Spain.

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