Apex Legends prepares to receive this same August 3 its tenth season: titled Emergence, bring with you the new legend Seer and a new Rampage LMG. From Respawn they have shared a first trailer in the form of a trailer that you can discover below these lines, while they have offered the first details of this content. Also include a map update Finisterre. We leave you with his progress below:

Apex Legends: Season 10 Details

As of August 3, the season Emergence allow players to enjoy Seer, a new legend that joins the staff of characters and of which we have already known its first details: “With microdrones and the eye of an artist, Seer detects opportunities that other Legends may miss and he takes advantage of them in the most beautiful way he can “, you can read in the description of the character on the official website.

A bad omen casts a shadow over Obi’s birth: Does your light survive and emerge from the shadows? “, can also be read in the note that accompanies the trailer. In relation to this, Respawn anticipates that Finisterre is “about to undergo major changes”, although they do not detail what exactly we can expect from this change. What we do know is that the new Rampage light machine gun: “Discover Rampart’s new invention, the Rampage light machine gun, with an amazing source of firepower,” they say.

“Seer detects opportunities that other Legends may miss”

In addition, the title of EA and Respawn also prepares to add the Ranked Battlegrounds: “Prove your worth as a supreme predator on the battlefields or in the pitched battle for the first time. Or show that you are the ultimate champion by conquering both,” they detail. We will have to wait until August 3 to enjoy this content. On the web they have also presented the Eclosin battle pass, along with the Eclosin pack that offers a skin for Seer for a limited time.

We remind you that Apex Legends, which this year exceeded 100 million players, is available for free on both PC and PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as well as mobile devices. “A free title that greatly improves the Battle Royale formula by becoming a candidate for king of the genre,” we wrote in our analysis.

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