Apex Legends prepares to reach Nintendo Switch today March 9, at which time Spanish players and players from all over the world can enjoy this battle royale on the hybrid platform. While today the Chaos Theory event also starts, until March 23, we have already been able to know what they are. technical specifications Respawn and EA title on the Nintendo console.

Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch: Its features

Panic Button, the development studio responsible for working on the Switch version of Apex Legends, have taken care to offer the technical details about this port. The technical director Andy Boggs has been in charge of sharing the information with the Japanese magazine Famitsu. That’s when he revealed that the resolution of the game on Switch is 1280 x 720 pixels in TV or docked mode; and 1024 x 576 pixels in laptop mode. Both work at 30 fps (frames per second).

On the other hand, from the development team they argue that players can take advantage of the gyroscope movement of the console to aim. Among the accessibility features, it has been adjusted the user interface in laptop mode to make the text larger and easy to read. On the other hand, cross-play with other platforms can be turned on and off.

“We want as many people as possible to play this game”

We want as many people as possible to play this game, and many want to play it on Switch, “he says Chad Glenier, game director. “I think that he port of the Switch version started about a year, around Season 4. There were comments from some players wanting to play it on Switch, and there were certain voices coming from the Switch community, so it was a natural choice to take the game there“.

Next, he notes that this is not a “separate version”: it supports cross-play with PC, PS4 and Xbox One and “you can have the same experience with Switch as with any other platform,” he says.

We remind you that Today, March 9, the debut of Apex Legends en Switch– Available for free through the Nintendo eShop. This launch is accompanied by the launch of the Chaos Theory event, which pays tribute to the character Caustic. Here we leave you with all the details.

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