Some players of Apex Legends have not been able to access the games for several hours on Sunday, July 4 due to a group of hackers that intend to publicize the problem with hackers that plague Titanfall 2 and especially the first Titanfall. At the time of this writing, Respawn Entertainment has announced that the battle royale ha back to normal.

How they count from VG247, the title’s various playlists changed their description over the weekend, displaying a message encouraging players to “to save Titanfall. During the early hours of Sunday this only appeared on the PC version, but later it was extended to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, not the Nintendo Switch.

The messages pinned to the description of the playlists, which for many users were inaccessible due to this, also displayed a web page, ““(va @alphaINTEL) to which hackers are not directly associated, according to their own hackers.

On the night of July 4, at 10:02 p.m., Respawn Entertainment said it was aware of the situation and announced a server update to solve the problem. At four in the morning of this Monday they confirmed that the “matchmaking has been restored. “” We are still taking a look, but we believe the problem has been resolved. Thanks for your patience, Legends “, they concluded.

The hackers they throw servers and block the matchmaking of the two Titanfall

The two games in the saga Titanfall, especially the first, are constant victims of DDoS attacks. “Titanfall is a saga loved by many and the problems with hackers have been increasing, “you can read on the front page of” The community of Titanfall has been asking Respawn solve this problem for more than three years, but not at all. Today, the game is still for sale, but it is completely unplayable. “

One or more hackers they use a script what achieves that players are expelled from the matchmaking and even entire servers dedicated to games crash; in some cases it also causes the user’s game client to close. In the first Titanfall all modes require permanent internet connection. Even if Titanfall 2 was launched in 2016 and the first Titanfall in 2014, the latter was started selling on Steam in November of last year.

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