The action in a unique perspective for virtual reality, the puzzles that play with space, and of course, the clever mouse Quill, they are back. Polyarc has announced Moss: Book II at the State of Play held on the night of this Thursday, July 8. Reach PlayStation VR for PS4 approximately, but not even in the trailer with gameplay published or in the statements of the PlayStation Blog a release date is anticipated.

The story continues right where the first Moss, launched in PS VR in February 2018, in June of the same year for PC and in May 2019 for Oculus Quest. After rescuing Argus in the first installment, Quill realizes that a tyrant leading Arcane’s forces they look for her in the same castle in which his uncle was imprisoned.

The castle, of course, be packed with traps, puzzles and enemies you will face, but you will also meet new allies and characters known to those who played the first game. Furthermore, from Polyarc they anticipate that “the very nature of the castle itself can help as it [Quill] works to save the world from enormous destruction. “

There will be new mechanics, enemies, weapons and abilities

“Our hope with Book II is that the players once again remember the fun of the physical interaction and the power of feedback emotional they can experience in virtual reality, “says Joshua Stiksma, design director and lead engineer, on the PlayStation blog, promising” new mechanics, environments, enemies, and abilities, “in addition to Indian weapons like the hammer and a skill that lets you create new ways.

“We loved Moss. In fact, if you like platforms and puzzles, we think it is the best game available right now for PlayStation VR,” we said at the time. analysis of the first game. “It is beautiful, original, surprising and has a beautiful and magical setting.”

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