Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and lead designer (along with Genyo Takeda) of the Wii Nintendo, I was thinking about the philosophy that would define the aforementioned console more than five years before of its launch. The middle Nintendo Life rescues an interview in which the Japanese already shows concern because “video games are becoming unfriendly for beginners”.

In the number of November 1999 (just two years after the release of Nintendo 64) of Gamer’s Republic the interviewer asked Miyamoto what it would be “the next step in player interaction” and for how long will interactive entertainment be based on “people just moving little levers and pressing buttons.” The Japanese man was glad to receive the question and noted that “the games are designed for everyone to enjoy”.

Shigeru Miyamoto Wiimote

“However, looking at the current video game market, video games are becoming unfriendly for beginners. It is important to continue creating something new for everyone, not just the most dedicated players“Miyamoto mused.” Nintendo’s role is to bring new entertainment to everyone. “

“Although, in fact, it is Nintendo’s responsibility also offer new games to the most ardent players, we should always think about new possibilities entertainment for all “, concludes Miyamoto, seven years before the launch of Wii on December 9, 2006 in Spain (five days before in Japan).

Miyamoto Iwata wii

Wii sold more than 100 million units

Wii was a less powerful console than Microsoft’s Xbox 360 that was released a year earlier and Sony’s PlayStation 3 that hit the European market months later. Nevertheless, bet on offering something different without giving up the traditional video game: a motion control remote that, similar to a television remote control, allows family and friends who have never played a video game to play Wii Sports, a Wii Play and many other accessible titles. The console has sold 101.63 million units, becoming Nintendo’s most successful desktop machine.

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