Amy Hennig is one of the most important and recognized creatives in the industry. His career is extensive and he has participated in numerous renowned franchises and in all types of positions. Among his most outstanding works we find that he has been director and writer in the saga Legacy of Kain, director from Like 3 Y creative director and writer of the trilogy of Uncharted. At the moment, Hennig is working together with Skydance New Media in a triple-A action adventure for one player. Just yesterday a new member of the development team joined.

Todd Vaxwick Joins Amy Hennig’s New Game Team

Todd Vaxwick is the new creative who has recently joined the team of Skydance New Media. Vaxwick Its about Writer who was involved in the development of the canceled Star Wars Ragtag junto con Amy Hennig. The game was to be an adventure of Star Wars with touches of Uncharted, but in the end it did not end up on the market for Forstbite engine problems Y conflicts regarding creative control. However, the cooperation between these two creatives who were involved in the development of Ragtag it can make for a very interesting video game.

Own Todd Vaxwick shared the following message on Twitter: “I am working with Amy Hennig and a core team of industry veterans in a exciting action adventure gameAlso, he added that the development team is looking for experienced professionals with the motor Unreal Engine and people who want to promote cutting edge animation technology. Beyond what it indicates Vaxwick in its tweet, we know more details about the new video game in which he Hennig are involved thanks to link attached.

Star Wars Ragtag

In the job offers some of the characteristics of the video game are specified, such as that it will be a title of High-quality triple-A action and adventure for single player, with special attention in history and built with Unreal Engine. Interestingly, except for some details such as the engine, it has some similarities with Star Wars Ragtag with respect to being a adventure focused on a more cinematic narrative and single player. We will have to wait a while to receive more information about the video game, but of course everything we know so far sounds very good.

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