Among Us It was one of the most popular video games of the past year. To this day, despite the fact that it does not have the same popularity, there are not a few users who continue to entertain themselves with the title. However, today we are not talking about the game itself, but about something related to it. As incredible and surreal as it may seem, there is a chicken nugget shaped like the characters of Among Us that is being sold for a value greater than the 50.000 dlares en eBay. In fact, even the official account of Among Us you have noticed the existence of this nugget with a singular shape.

Among Us’s chicken nugget surpasses the barrier of $ 50,000 on the eBay portal

The battered chicken piece comes from an ordinary nugget box from the McDonald’s franchise. Yesterday, the nugget reached the $ 34,000 price, something that has increased since then, being now more than 50.000 dlares. At the time we are writing this news, the page of eBay that contains the article has more than 600 spectators and more than 150 people have bid to keep the nugget of Among Us. Other details that can be extracted from the publication are that the bid will be finalized in just a day and a half and that the auction started with only $ 0.99.

The baptized as Nugget Among Us It has a certain resemblance in its form to the characters that star in the games of the video game. Especially, looks similar in color to the character who is brown. Of course, the discovery has attracted the attention of social networks and those who want to get hold of it to speculate or keep it as a trophy. You will be able to bid on a chicken nugget shaped like an avatar of Among Us?

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