The day has come: players from Spain and around the world can get on board this red airship to continue having fun in Among Us. The title, which became a global phenomenon in 2020, has just opened the doors to its new, huge and free update. In addition to the mapa Airship, the development studio Innersloth has added everything a set of novelties that we detail below. In turn, they have offered a roadmap of the next features that will add to the game.

The Airship: The new update of Among Us

It is the first new map to receive Among Us since it debuted last 2018 on PC and mobile devices, but the wait has been worth it. Innersloth has added tasks and new areas that we can explore in Airship, With new skins and hats for players to customize their avatars. On the other hand, it has been added a new death animation, so the murders feel fresh and exciting too.

On the other hand, they are already available personal accounts. Along with this detail is also added the possibility of being able to report to those players who are not playing fair or bothering others. “Work together and carry out the best plan, either as a teammate or as an impostor, “Innersloth writes on his Twitter account.

The largest map to date

Airship, meanwhile, offers a maximum of nineteen new locations. The only places that will be similar will be the electricity, communications and security. The rest of the location is brand new. Also, players can now choose where you would like to appear on the map at the start of each game. It seems that the stage also features a new mobile platform: your mission is slow down players, and make the impostor’s escapes more complicated.

Future plans for Among Us

With the release of this update, Innersloth has taken the opportunity to share with users what is your roadmap to follow. The study has indicated that Among Us receive a complete renovation of its artistic section; furthermore, they plan to add much bigger lobbies, increasing the limit from 10 players to 15. Finally, they promise provide much more transparent communication in the future, to make up for the silence that players have had about the launch of The Airship.

Among Us is available in mobile devices, PC and Nintendo Switch; with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S versions scheduled to debut this 2021. If you have just started your adventure in this title, we invite you to consult our complete guide where we will teach you to be the best crew member … or the most ruthless impostor.

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