Among Us wants players to beat the heat by doing what they do best: stab their teammates in the back and sabotage missions. That is why from tomorrow, July 21 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) and until July 27 at 8:59 a.m. Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can enjoy the game for free on Switch. Additionally, Nintendo announces that the game will feature a 30% discountAlthough if you want to buy it, it can already be found for only 4.29 through Nintendo eShop. The news comes after its three physical editions have been announced, which will arrive later this year for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

Among Us: This week it’s free to stab your friends on Switch

Among Us has been one of those nice surprises that offers us the indie panorama of the video game, becoming in 2020 one of the most successful games. Despite having originally debuted in 2018 on both PC and mobile devices, it wasn’t until last year that Innersloth’s game enjoyed quite a stir. boom popularity among players. Only on PC has it reached exceed 2 million daily users, while in its first month of launch on Switch it sold 3 million copies.

But what does this title consist of? In case you have never played it, the scheme is very simple: the players embody a group of crew You have to complete a whole series of missions on the map of a ship. However, success will not be so easy to achieve: infiltrators among the players will have impostors whose mission is to sabotage the missions murdering the other users. The rest of the teammates will have to guess who these traitors are before they end up destroying everyone.

New features for its third anniversary

On the occasion of its third anniversary, Innersloth added Among Us lobbies of 15 players, which causes these games to have three impostors to balance the game. New colors for the characters were also added to the title, while the artistic section was completely retouched; while now it offers support for controls in mobiles. The title is pending publication in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S y Xbox One.

If this week you take advantage of the Nintendo Switch promotion and you dare to try the game, we invite you to consult our guide of tips and tricks to help you be the best i̵m̵p̵o̵s̵t̵o̵r̵e̵s̵ crewmembers.

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