This weekend we received news from Age of Empires 4, the new installment of the real-time strategy saga that this time is being developed by Relic Entertainment, a Canadian company with extensive experience in the genre: they have been working for years on works such as Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War O Company of Heroes and now they are in charge of this new title for Microsoft Game Studios maintaining a work philosophy in which respect for the time of its workers prevails.

At least that’s how he has assured Quinn Duffy, Game Director at Age of Empires 4, in an interview with the German media Golem. During the talk, Duffy explained that in Relic Entertainmente there is no crunch, that term that in the video game industry is used to designate labor exploitation: “Fortunately it is not a problem in Relic, I don’t even remember when was the last time we had crunch. If I remember correctly, in Company of Heroes 2 [publicado en 2013] we had a couple of weeks of overtime, “he explains.

“Some companions are almost as old as Relic herself”

Quinn Duffy has wanted to explain the reasons why Relic Entertainment does not force the crunch To their workers: “Now many colleagues are a little older and have children; some of them are almost as old as Relic itself. In the creative professions, it is extremely important to have a clear head, something that does not happen when you are exhausted. Age of Empires 4: “It is true that we are very busy at the moment and we are trying to have zero bugs. But that has nothing to do with the crises I experienced in my early years in the sector. “

Philippe Boulle, narrative director of Age of Empires 4, has also participated in the interview giving his particular vision by saying that Relic Entertainment is a studio that has learned from its mistakes: “As with many studios that began late 90s, there were moments of crunch. At some point, the members of the management team saw that that can’t be the if we want to build a study that works in the long term (…) As someone who has really benefited from this, I am very happy about it, “he acknowledged.

Captura de Age of Empires 4.

Age of Empires 4 will go on sale at the end of the year on PC and in Vandal we have already been able to peek into this renewed RTS proposal; you can see their news in our preview.

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