We already know when we will be able to enjoy the virtual reality of After the Fall in Spain and around the world: this commitment to action will reach this summer PlayStation VR, Oculus y PC via Steam, with more platforms waiting to be announced soon. Vertigo Games are responsible for this new peak Shooting game in first person, after having worked in Arizona Sunshine. History will drag us to a city of Los ngeles covered by ice, almost 20 years after the apocalypse.

After the Fall: Your apocalypse comes to virtual reality this summer

“From the initial phase of the concept, After the Fall has pretended that VR Gamers Joinregardless of the device they play with, thanks to the functionality full cross-platform multiplayer“said the director of the study, Richard Stitselaar, in a press release. “In a time where social isolation has become widespread, it feels like that goal now has additional relevance. We are really excited about move on to the next phase of the campaign, in which we will invite more players to the game and share more details as we prepare for the launch. “

The adventure of After the Fall leads us to immerse ourselves in the city of Los ngeles, in a ruin covered by ice, almost 20 years later of the apocalypse. The title seeks to offer players a “living and vibrant” virtual reality world, which they can share with players around the world. In addition, offer a “cinematic and atmospheric” campaign; as well as a solo mode and an “action packed” multiplayer mode.

Los Angeles, 20 years after the apocalypse

The game was presented during the past E3 2019, presenting a story where a mysterious pandemic, caused by the excessive use of designer drugs, gave way to the terrible Snowbreed which ended up infesting cities and collapsing civilization. “T, one of the survivors apparently immune to the side effects of the substances, you are the last hope of the resurgence of humanity“, we read in the synopsis.

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