The Spanish Association of Videogames (AEVI), the main video game organization in Spain, celebrates this month the third anniversary of your development area. To do this, they have implemented all a series of initiatives with which they seek to reinforce the development of videogames at the local level. In order to support the industry of our country, AEVI makes the portal available to creators wayward: a website where they are hosted masterclasses and conferences that seek to guide and support newcomers to the world of development. From AEVI they also announce the renewal of AEVI Jobs, a platform that connects employers in the video game industry with young talent. In addition, they have published a report with a guide to teleworking best practices and the impact of COVID-19.

AEVI seeks to support the local sector of the video game industry in Spain

2020 has been a difficult year for studies and that is why we are working on initiatives that help the local industry to cope with this situation, “he says. Arturo Monedero, vice president of development of AEVI. In turn, add the following: “[En AEVI] We call on the industry as a whole to row all in the same direction: helping students, the future of our industry“.

Local developers have come out especially harmed by the coronavirus pandemic, and that is why AEVI takes this opportunity to lend a hand and offer its support. There are more than 450 local studios in Spain; and from AEVI they offer the three tools that we detail in depth below:

  • wayward
  • After months of work, AEVI launched the Devium portal. Here developers will find a whole series of resources in the form of masterclasses, postmortems, articles of interest and conferences of national developers. The topics are organized, in turn, between the different categories: Podcasts, Programming, Communication, Game Design, Business, Marketing, etc.

    At this time the web has more than 20 conferences and talks starring some of the most relevant names in the video game sector in Spain: we find Javi cepa, from the Pixelatto studio, with its Business models and digital entrepreneurship; Mauricio Garca, from The Game Kitchen studio, trying Blasphemous and the indie video game industry; The Fernando Prieto, from the Wild Cat study, to explain their Financing strategies to users.

  • AEVI Jobs
  • It is a platform that aims to boost young talent. AEVI Jobs is launched as the result of a collaboration agreement with Stratos, the community of developers in charge of offering jobs in the sector. In this way, they seek to serve as link between university and educational centers with industry of the video game. Right now, They have approximately 400 students registered on their platform.

    “We are seeing how universities are having serious difficulties in placing students in jobs, so from AEVI we ask for the involvement of all the agents that make up the industry, in order to facilitate precisely the training of this talent, “says Monedero.

  • Report on Teleworking Best Practices and the Impact of COVID-19
  • Developers can also refer to the report from now on Analysis of the impact of COVID-19 and best teleworking practices in the video game sector, a document prepared for AEVI by the IDG consultancy: The objective is offer advice and guidance in response to the difficult situation left by the coronavirus pandemic and how to deal with the new reality.

  • Developer Services Catalog
  • From AEVI they also remember the existence of the service catalog: a portal that collects collaboration agreements at the level of legal, digital and communication advice for the development industry. For example, agreements with the law firm are collected Bird & Bird, the legal technology consultancy Tutelio, the information service provider B2Boost, digital platforms Sorastream, Gamingates, enumbers or the agencies Screenglitch The Make Good Art Agency.

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