The promised real-time trailer app from Abandoned, the indie survival game from Blue Box Studios, is now on the PS Store servers. Although it cannot be downloaded, analysis of the database reveals that Its initial size will be 1.9 GB, and we can already see both its background image and the icon for PlayStation 5. The launch of the application was scheduled for June, but at the last moment it was delayed until August.

The application is described as a hub in which to see the different demonstrations of Abandoned in real time, so in theory it will not offer anything new regarding the videos that are distributed on social networks or YouTube except the highest quality and, perhaps, some kind of interactivity, but it does not seek to be a playable demo.

A fame fueled by the theories that claim behind Silent Hill and Hideo Kojima

“I hope you understand, I am sorry and thank you for the support,” Hasan Kahraman said in the video that confirmed the delay while mentioning the stress of the last few weeks. Kahraman refers, of course, to all the controversy of the last few months that fed the study itself on the numerous connections or guides to Silent Hill and Hideo Kojima, who used cover studies for the announcement of P.T. -the demo of Silent Hills– Y Metal Gear Solid 5. Despite the numerous messages reiterating that Blue Box Studios has no relation to the Konami saga, theories do not cease and many players hope to see this application first hand. Abandoned in case it offers any new clues to reinforce the rumors.

What does seem most possible is the Silent Hill in charge of Bloober Team –The Medium– who have announced an agreement with Konami for certain projects including the horror saga. Media information ensures that this is not the only game that seeks to resurrect Silent Hill, as there is at least one other game in development by a Japanese studio. Metal Gear Y Castlevania they will also be in the hands of outside studios as part of Konami’s new policy.


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