Abandoned, the survival game created by Blue Box Game Studios in which many fans believe that a Silent Hill, launch your trilers app on July 29; In the following weeks throughout August, the first videos will arrive where we can discover a little more of an adventure that will propose us to escape from a dangerous forest. But why an application and not just videos published on YouTube? Its director, Hasan Kahraman, has responded to this question on Twitter: to experience 4K resolution and 60 fps – without video compression – 3D audio and DualSense functions in real time.

Although it is not the first time that PS Store publishes a “video in real time” of this type – it has already done with a demo of Killzone 2 allowing some interaction is an unusual strategy that adds more mystery to the project. Usually the games offer some demos, betas or even technical demos created with content different from the game, type Platinum Demo from Final Fantasy XV, but all a hub with sequences is something unheard of and more for an independent game.

According to the analysis of the PlayStation Store database, the application will have a size of 1.2 GB, to which we must add the content of the cinematics that come later: the introduction will be available for download on August 10 and The first full trailer will be distributed at the end of next month.

Escape the forest

Jason Longfield, the protagonist of this adventure, waking up in a strange forest without remembering how he got there. Apparently he has been kidnapped and taken to a remote place with a dark purpose: our mission is to escape, and for this we will have some weapons but Blue Box Game Studio does not want it to be a shooter ms, who add a realistic control to our exhaustion and toe.


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