Blue Box Game Studios has announced that finally the application of its survival game Abandoned launches for free July 29 on PS5, while The introduction will be available for download on August 10; later, at the end of next month, the first trailer will be distributed. We remind you that this application is not a playable demo or beta, but a hub or program where you can see the different demos of Abandoned in real time, but not in theory offer interaction.

According to the PlayStation Game Size account, dedicated to the analysis of content uploaded to the PlayStation Store, will have a size of 1.2 GB -without the aforementioned trilers that will come later-.

The mystery about Abandoned continues

It is Abandoned the cover of a Silent Hill? The studio has repeatedly denied its connection to the Konami or Hideo Kojima game, but some fans still believe that it could be an orchestrated campaign to announce a new installment in the horror saga. Proponents of the conspiracy believe that the date of these videos may also coincide with a rumored State of Play celebrated by Sony, where in addition to the date of Horizon Forbidden West or the first trailer of God of War: Ragnarok the mystery of Abandoned… If there is one.

In principle Abandoned It will be a survival game with a touch of mystery set in a place far from civilization. The studio wants to make the gameplay realistic, so it won’t be easy to shoot or waste ammo. His story introduces us to Jason Longfield, who wakes up in a strange forest without remembering how he got there. Jason will soon discover that he has been kidnapped and taken to the site for a dark purpose. Fighting for his survival, the main mission is to escape“says the team.

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