Throughout the years it has not been precisely few times in which we have seen how video games have been criticized and attacked by certain programs and television news, where has been presented to our hobby favorite as something harmful and negative, linking the simple fact of enjoying electronic entertainment with violent behavior and other niceties.

Public mirror against video games

Although the medium is increasingly popular and has a greater acceptance than before among those who do not play regularly, there are still those who insist on presenting this hobby as something counterproductive and with what you have to be very careful, as the program wanted to exemplify today Public Mirror of the Spanish chain Antenna 3.

During your broadcast today, psychologist Marc Masip has spoken of video games describing them as “a terrible addiction”, in addition to adding that they do not have any kind of beneficial effect on young people today. In fact, He goes so far as to affirm that because of this type of leisure, school performance worsens, that family disputes increase and even that hygiene is neglected, as well as other types of topics without presenting evidence of any kind or echoing all the studies that deal with the beneficial effects that video games can have. Further, He also comments that due to all this it is necessary to completely prohibit access to video games to those minors who play more hours than the account.

As you can suppose, the fragment of this piece of the program has not taken long to go viral and is receiving all kinds of criticism from players through the internet, who consider that a bad image of the environment is being given without any basis to support their claims. As the most veteran of this type of attacks on video games already started in the 90s, first focused on violence and in recent years on the risks of addiction, being the successful Provided The focus of many of these criticisms, which has been said to be as addictive as heroin, among all kinds of attacks, from television in Spain to Argentine television, where they came to perform the pirouette of relating a terrorist attack in New Zealand with the Epic game.

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