Dragon Quest It is one of the JRPG sagas most loved by Spanish players and around the world, and it is not surprising that some other user has done a marathon of some delivery. However, we have found a fan who wanted to take this to the maximum exponent: we are talking about the streamer Akino Channel (or あ き の ち ゃ ん ね る), who has passed the 11 main games that make up the series without sleeping. To accomplish this feat, Akino had to stay awake for more than 85 hours and 15 minutes. The Square Enix saga turns 35 years old and aims to celebrate this year with big announcements. We leave you below the last part of your streaming:

Marathon of the 11 games Dragon Quest without sleeping

As they point out from The Nerd Stash, Akino Channel did not do the marathon in order. He first took care of play at Dragon Quest 7 until the eleventh delivery. In his opinion, these are the longest titles in the series and he preferred to play them when he was still fresh and out of sleep. In this way, reserve Dragon Quest 6 for the end because it is his favorite installment of the saga. In the video that we have left you on these lines we can see him consuming energy drinks – beware of abusing this type of product -, and making use of a voice chat reader that helped him stay awake.

In almost every game Akino simply opted to perform the main missions. I put the side missions aside in order to finish all the installments earlier. However, at the end of Dragon Quest 6, Akino wanted to prepare well to have more experience points when facing the last boss, Mortamor, which has three different forms and is more challenging than other enemies in the game. Next, we leave you with the list of the time it took him to complete each game:

  • Dragon Quest 7: 16 hours
  • DQ 8: 10 hours
  • DQ 9: 11 hours
  • DQ 10: 4 hours but only the content of version 1.0, since it is an online game
  • DQ 11: 7 hours
  • DQ 1: 2 hours
  • DQ 2: 5 hours
  • DQ 3: 5 hours
  • DQ 4: 8 hours
  • DQ 5: 8 hours
  • DQ 6: 9 hours

More news of the saga Dragon Quest

Yuji Horii, the creator of the saga, pointed out at the end of 2020 that this year the 35th anniversary of Dragon Quest will be celebrated with “big announcements. That could have left the door open to a possible Dragon Quest XII: the start-up of the production of this game has already begun, so it is possible that this 2021 we will discover more details of this project. On the other hand, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai received a series of animation; while Infinity Strash – Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is an action RPG that aims to arrive in Japan in the coming months for PC and consoles.

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