Last November there was a police operation in the offices of Ubisoft Montreal believing that the development studio was undergoing some kind of terrorist attack involving hostages, something that, in the end, I was only in a fright, because no type of threat was identified and there were no injuries.

The suspect

Now, several months later, the newspaper Press has published a report in which it is detailed that the Montreal police suspect that the culprit of this heavy prank will be Yanni Ouahioune, who would have made a fake call for being expelled from Rainbow Six Siege more than 80 times for using cheats.

As you can read in the post, Ouahioune contacted 911 on the day of the incident using a telephone hacking technique known as spoofing so that the call would appear registered as if it had been made from inside the Ubisoft Montreal office building. If true, Ouahioune would have informed the police that five men demanded a Canadian $ 2 million ransom for releasing 40 Ubisoft employees, leading to the entire regrettable incident, as the threat was taken seriously by the law enforcement agencies. city ​​law enforcement.

The consequences of the incident

Press He also comments that this incident would have cost Ubisoft $ 1.7 million in lost productivity, plus an additional $ 15,000 in psychological support and $ 40,000 in property damage.. Additionally, Ouhioune is also suspected of other similar bogus calls made in December and January.

As if it weren’t enough, Ouahioune admitted to Press who was accused by the French authorities having created a fake Ubisoft website to steal accounts of other players from Rainbow Six and that he was involved in a case of swatting from 2017. That’s right, has denied involvement in everything that happened at Ubisoft Montreal.

Finally, the investigation is said to remain active, although police believe there is “very little chance” that Ouahioune will be formally charged, since France refuses to extradite its citizens.

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