A Plague Tale: Innocence prepares to make the leap to consoles Xbox Series X/S y PS5. From Asobo Studio they are working to provide the 2019 title 4K resolution and a frame rate of 60 fps. The update will be available this next July 6th, and from Asobo they have shared a first preview so we can take a look at the improvements. During this E3 2021 the sequel has been announced, A Plague Tale: Requiem, which will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch (Cloud Version) and PC in 2022, both in Spain and around the world.

A Plague Tale: Innocence, a new horizon

A Plague Tale: Innocence is a stealth action puzzle game that takes players to a France besieged by black fish. There we meet a young woman named Amy, who has to help his little brother Hugo escape the Inquisition while avoiding swarms of rats. The title has managed to exceed one million copies, and although its creators had no plans to work on DLC or sequels … the truth is that it has downloadable content Coats of Arms and prepares to receive a continuation.

This second part is called A Plague Tale: Requiem and be available at PS5, Xbox Series X / S and computers, as in Nintendo Switch thanks to the cloud, next year. “Embark on an exciting and breathtaking journey in the sequel to the award-winning A Plague Tale: Innocence“is what we can read in the description of the game on his website. With our two older protagonists, he invites us to follow the adventures of Amicia and Hugo once more “they do whatever it takes to survive in a brutal and indifferent world”.

Requiem: A direct sequel

“After the final peak of the original game as a harrowing story of resilience, Players will embark on the second chapter of the journey“says Asobo Studio communications chief Aurlie Belzanne.” They will follow Amicia and her brother Hugo on a dangerous new quest, doing whatever it takes to survive in a brutal and indifferent world“.

It should be noted that the first game is currently available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, while Microsoft has confirmed that the second part will also be available in this library since its launch. “An interesting adventure of puzzles and infiltration in medieval France that does what fewer and fewer games do“we wrote in our analysis of the first game.

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