In three days, the March 26th, Monster Hunter Rise will go on sale exclusively on Nintendo Switch (for now, although later it will also come to PC) and promises to be one of the biggest launches of 2021. Not only in Spain, where the Capcom franchise enjoys good health among the community, but also, and above all, in countries like Japan where it is a much bigger phenomenon.

So much so that even Mark-on, a Japanese company specializing in virtual reality, has decided that March 26 will be a holiday for all its employees. It has been Jack Masaki himself, CEO of the firm, who has shared the news on his personal social networks: “March 25 is the launch day of Monster Hunter Rise and how hopefully we won’t be able to focus on our work I have turned that day into the MonHun Festive“, you can read in the tweet inserted below these lines.

Workers are grateful for the decision

Apparently, Masaki made this decision after receiving multiple requests from various workers asking for the day off to play card. Monster Hunter Rise: “Several employees asked for leave on the 26th because they wanted to play MonHun ASAP, so we went ahead and made it festive for everyone. We have received words of gratitude and recognition from the employees for giving them this day off “, assures the CEO of the company to Huffington Post Japn.

In Vandal we have already been able to play Monster Hunter Rise in depth and in our analysis we tell you about him that “he is a firm step forward for the saga, equivalent in many ways to that of the classical titles to Monster Hunter World. A game with which Capcom He has managed to take his hunts to a new level by polishing his mechanics to unsuspected heights, introducing a multitude of improvements to the quality of life and providing a large number of new features that make this installment the most fun and satisfying to play in the entire series, not to mention its overwhelming audiovisual section or its exquisite bestiary “.

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