The passion for video games can sometimes play tricks, although this time the “mishap” of a fan of Call of Duty ends up being good news for the rest of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom.

Clint Butler is a offender from the UK than a while ago managed to escape from jail and that he remained in hiding for months keeping in check the authorities of the country who were unable to locate a malefactor sentenced to 17 years in prison for crimes such as armed robbery.

What the authorities were unaware of is that Clint had an Achilles heel, a weak point that was none other than his aficin a Call of Duty and its eager to buy a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War On January 17, anxieties that put this offender back in jail.

On the car day the UK was totally confined by the coronavirus pandemic. During the afternoon a patrol from the police saw Butler and a friend change direction to avoid crossing them. At that time, this group of policemen did not know that they were in front of a person who had escaped from the prison but they also decided to stop them because the behavior of the couple seemed suspicious.

The authorities asked Butler what he was doing, to which he replied that he was going to buy. “the new Call of Duty because I am unable to stay locked in during lockdown“When asking for more details and documentation, Butler got nervous and he attacked one of the policemen causing a small fight that ended with his arrest by the authorities with the collaboration of some security guards who were nearby:

A mindless decision

After capturing Butler, one of the West Midlands Police chiefs was stunned by Butler’s decision to stop hiding to buy the game: “Why he risked going back to prison by making the stupid decision to come to town during confinement to buy a video game with a friend remains a mystery.“.

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