Panzer Dragoon Saga It is one of the highest rated games in the Sega Saturn catalog. Despite all the wave of remakes and remasters, including the saga itself Panzer Dragoon, the role-playing game is still forgotten on the old 32-bit console. The fan community of Panzer Dragoon World and Black Fenrir are working to bring back the spirit of the game with a project on Patreon called Azel R. The prototype is directly inspired by Saga, but offer modern graphics in Unreal Engine and new mechanics that modernize the original, although the text on Patreon makes it clear that “it is not a promise of a full game; although we wish to make a version or demo of our vision, there is no guarantee that it will materialize in a finished game“.

Sega owns the license and although in recent years it has been open to remakes and sequels of games that were paralyzed, such as the recent Streets of Rage 4, The team of Azel R acknowledges that it cannot be taken for granted that they receive a green light. Below you can see a teaser with the appearance of creatures and the dragon.

It will be developed in Unreal Engine 5

Olivier Haffemayer, founder of Panzer Dragoon World, explains that unofficial art appeared in March 2020 hinting at a remake of Panzer Dragoon Saga. The work was of high quality and achieved a very positive response from the fans. At the end of 2020 Black Fenrir contacted Haffemayer to involve fans in the development, explaining his vision for to imagine Tank Dragoon Sagto innovate with new ideas and content. Haffemayer was convinced of the direction they proposed.

Azel R It started its development on Unreal Engine 4 but will make the leap to the next evolution of the engine, Unreal Engine 5. They also hope that the news of this project will reach Sega. “I think all the fans of Panzer Dragoon they should be excited “says Haffemayer, highlighting ambition. “At the same time, the campaign on Patreon ensures us to stay realistic. It could lead to a crowdfunding campaign later, we don’t know yet. But the truth is that we don’t want to start that way. We want to win the support of the fans, the current ones. and those seduced by this modern version of AzelPanzer Dragoon Saga is named Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG and Japn- “.

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