The DualSense’s hepatic response and adaptive triggers are one of the great enhancements to immersive PlayStation 5 games, although these perks are only available for native titles on the console; with the PS4 backward compatible catalog the PS5 controller should mimic the classic vibration of the DualShock 4. Last April the PS5 received a firmware update that among the changes not reported by Sony improved the emulation of the DualShock 4 on the DualSense. Building on the patch announcement to The Last of Us Parte 2 on PS5 the co-director Kurt Margenau has commented on how the sensation was modified so that “the liver feels better.”

Margenau explains that the firmware has adjusted the DualSense so that it gives a more similar impression to using the DualShock 4 for some opinions that he made to Sony “a few months ago” for adjust intensity, livery “textures” and pacing when the new controller is used in PS4 titles. In the Twitter thread he says that solving these differences between controls was complicated, as there are mechanical differences between the two generations of controls.

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In the case of the DualShock 4 the vibration is achieved with two weights of different sizes that rotate within the pad, while the DualSense has two weights that move forward and backward to “express frequencies and wave width at high fidelity and low latency, almost like a speaker. So the DualSense firmware has to receive the ‘old’ signal representing a spinning motor, which has a much higher latency, and emulate the result so that you feel like you are using a control with a completely different mechanism. “This conversion is done with the DualSense firmware, and therefore it is not necessary to modify the code of the PS4 games.

A developer explains c

You can now play The Last of Us 2 at 60 fps

Patch 1.08, available since last Wednesday, lets play The Last of Us 2 on PS5 at 60 frames per second, which joins the improved resolution – the same as PS4 Pro – or faster loading times. Yes, it continues to work in backward compatibility mode, similar to patches of Ghost of Tsushima Y Days Gone, so you don’t take full advantage of the new console or DualSense. You can see here a comparison between PS4 and PS5.

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