A British real estate agency is looking for creative players from Minecraft to pay them in exchange for visiting other people’s worlds and advising them on creating their map. If you want to apply to this vacancy, you should know that it is a well-paid job, 50 pounds an hour (about 58 euros to change), and it does not matter that six from Spain or anywhere else in the world, since as they are virtual visits they can be made regardless of where you live. You can access the contact form through this link.

If you are selected as professional landscapers of Minecraft, your job is to go to a client’s map and assess their current status to give them feedback on them along with a creative improvement option. This whole process will be done based on the budget of that person who hires you to carry out the construction project in Minecraft and you will have to explain the consequences behind their decisions. There will also be create multiple prototypes so that the client can choose the scenario that best suits their idea.

What do I need to become a professional landscaper of Minecraft?

WhatShed?, the firm that seeks this professional gamer profile, says that candidates will have to have a series of acquired skills before being selected for the position. U.S it is considered “essential” to have knowledge of construction in MinecraftBut also having a creative vision, having strong communication skills and believing in remote work are also valued. Applicants will earn bonus points if they have previously worked on actual landscape and garden design.

If instead of professional builders what you need is the opposite, someone who is going to fix the chaos that you have caused in your map of Minecraft, you can do it through this form, a section in which the real estate agency collects information from stakeholders so that new landscapers have work to do.

Minecraft is available on practically all current platforms, not only on PC, but also on consoles such as PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as well as on mobile devices with iOS and Android and old platforms such as PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS or WiiU, among others.

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